Sustainable Luxury at Nether Farm
Posted October 19, 2023

Air Source Heat Pumps powering our hot tubs

Welcome to our first blog!
We are looking forward to regularly updating you with our news, promotions and general information about the Farm and the local area.

It seemed obvious to start our blogs this week and share our excitement at having our friends from EJ Payne Leisure on site fitting our brand new Air Source Heat Pumps to the hot tubs.

hot tub using an air source heat pump

Sustainable and cosy effective solutions

Like all individuals and businesses, we have felt the worry of the fast-approaching winter and the current cost of energy. We were committed to finding a solution that would alleviate the financial burden without passing on this cost to our guests and without compromising the fantastic facilities we offer.

They seemed the perfect solution to keep our hot tubs running as they use renewable energy and so support our constant desire to be sustainable as a business.

How do Air Source Heat Pumps work?

Air Source Heat Pumps extract heat from the air to warm our internal spaces and hot water and are able to extract heat from air temperatures well below freezing.

For us that means they can sit next to the hot tubs and have them back up to temperature much quicker than before.

And relax……

Our guests in Henmore Water, Sturston Winds and The Hut can jump straight into the warm bubbles as soon as they arrive now, even on a changeover day!

We in turn can enter the cold months a little less anxious and happy to not be increasing our prices!


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